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Here we answer the most frequent questions!

General information

Where are Ruigor products manufactured ?

Ruigor has suppliers from different countries around the world. The country of origin is clearly marked on the product tag. Our customers can be guaranteed that all products marked with the Swiss cross or with ‘Swiss-Made’ are manufactured in Switzerland and follow the latest Swiss-Made regulations. Products without the Swiss-Made or Swiss cross mark are produced outside Switzerland. The majority of our foreign produced products are manufactured in our modern production facility in Canton. For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why should I choose a Ruigor product ?

Ruigor is committed to providing the best quality for an outstanding customer experience. For Ruigor, quality is more than a word. We pour our vision of representing the highest standard into every product as well as into our customer service. Experiencing the variety of our products, one will notice our dedication towards functionality and style.

How can I clean my Ruigor product ?

You can clean the outside fabric with a slightly wet cloth. Afterwards hang up the bag in a shady place. Important! Do not bleach or soak it in water.

How can I contact Ruigor's customer service ?

Please go to the Contact us section and fill out the form with your request. We will do our best to reply to you as soon as possible.

Where can I get my Ruigor product repaired ?

Please fill out the following form of Warranty Claim. We will try to solve your problem as quickly as possible.



How long is the warranty for Ruigor

As we are convinced of the quality of our products we are offering a warranty of 5 years on every product.

Products Features Information

What's a laptop compartment ?

Your laptop will be safely stored in its own pocket and stabilized thanks to the velcro strap

What's a tablet pocket ?

As your laptop, your tablet will also have its own compartment to avoid any scratch in the screen

What's a key lock ?

No more worries about losing your keys or spending long minutes at your door looking for them, the key lock will keep them easy to reach and safely stored

What's an earphone port ?

Listening to music on your device can be burdensome with the wire getting hooked to object, the earphone port helps you make it less messy while keeping your device safe inside of the bag

What's a USB port ?

No more battery and carrying your device and powerbank is too burdensome ? The USB port allows you to plug your device from the outside and your powerbank from the inside to walk freely

What's a sunglasses holder ?

The sun can be out at any moment, your sunglasses will be easy to reach when the sun shines thanks to the sunglasses holder

What's a suitcase strap ?

Traveling can be very tiring, in order to make your journeys more smooth, the suitcase strap allows you to keep your backpack stable on your suitcase

What's a bottle holder

Thirst can manifest itself anytime, the bottle holder will keep your water handy to drink whenever you want

What's a safe pocket

Pickpockets can be everywhere, the safe pocket is there to keep your valuable belongings secure. It is a hidden pocket so that no one but you can reach it