Travelling is a necessity all of us enjoy. Whether we love hiking, going for walks, or discovering new places, it always fascinates us. For any travelling, the fun and enjoyment are multiplied tenfold when we have companions. These companions can be our best friends or the best sling bags for men.

By now, you must have understood what we are hinting at? That’s right, Ruigor presents yet another blog post. This one will tell you all about sling bags and help you select the best one for your needs; Read on and enjoy. Yes, we haven’t got any more to write in the introductory part.

The Differentiation Between A Sling Bag And A Hip Pack

You must have seen articles and other things on the internet where arguably people are interchangeably using the words sling bag and hip pack, it’s many names such as waist packs, fanny packs, bum bags, or belt bags, we ran out of breath, but its names won’t end. Anyway, it’s a myth that they are the same. There is a vast difference between Ruigor Sling Bags and hip packs.

For now, let’s keep it as a hip bag can always be a sling bag, but not guaranteed a good one. However, a sling bag is never a hip bag. Got it, moving on to why should you use a sling bag?

Why You Should Use A Sling Bag

Sling bags are perfect for keeping pocket-size items, especially when travelling, such as when on hikes. As a bonus, it will also fit all the things your pocket can’t.

There’s a barrage of examples coming up, so get ready to read them all.

  • Smartphones
  • Snacks.
  • USB cables.
  • Tech chargers.
  • Battery bank
  • Earplugs.
  • Eye mask.
  • Headphones.
  • Notebook & pen.
  • Tissues.
  • eReader.
  • Extra camera lenses.
  • Additional camera batteries.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Chapstick.
  • Makeup.
  • Your portable video game console.

Phew, these were a lot of examples, but the usefulness of sling bags doesn’t end here. So let’s see it now.

  1. Sling bags for men are lightweight and packable.
  2. Men’s cross-body sling bag gives you easy access.
  3. A small sling bag for men is ideal for festivals, everyday carry, hiking & outdoor ventures, amusement parks, exploring towns, and many other things (almost for all the million things you do every day.

How to pick a sling bag in 2022?

Now you obviously won’t just go to the store, close your eyes, and pick a random bag that your finger touches.

Picking a sling bag in 2022 (or any year for that matter) is not an easy task (why would you read it if we wouldn’t say that). There are many features you need to check before finalising. Here’s what you must know about Men’s cross-body sling bags.

Volume & size: First, you need to check whether the sling bag is capable enough to store all your stuff, then comes the more important part, since sling bags give all the weight on your one shoulder, you must ensure that it’s neither too light nor too heavy.

Profile: Let us give you straight, a sling bag available in tall or wide shapes. Both shapes are perfect for different use-cases. Just ensure that it fits balanced on your chest and back; otherwise, it’s a hip pack.

Weather resistance Imagine you were singing and it started raining. Unfortunately, it took you a long time to find a shelter. However, thanks to your weather-resistant sling bag, all your things are safe, especially your Smartphone.

The bottom line, choose a weather-resistant men’s cross-body sling bag. But how can you test for this property? Just pour some water in, but for real, when it gets wet, water-resistant sling bags are easy to wipe dry and good as new.

Zipper: It may just look like a minor feature, but you also need to check the zipper. For starters, it should not have a broken zipper, nor should it break while on your journey. To test the zipper strength, we would recommend you follow these steps.

  • Try opening and closing it once; go to the next step if it happens smoothly.
  • We need to check whether the zipper is strong or just for show. To do that, open and close it ten times, alternating between fast and slow. If it feels smooth every time, your zipper has passed the test.

Hardware: In sling bags for men, buckles are the essential part. The verdict should be strong. There’s no test method here, so you need to research a good brand that manufactures these packs.

Which Sling Bag Is Best?

To answer this question, we had to narrow down the top 3 sling bags for men from the 1000s out there. So please take a look and choose the best one for yourself.

Pacsafe Vibe 150 Anti-theft Sling Pack: Well, if you are afraid that someone might scan your card or steal your things, then the Pacsafe Vibe 150 Anti-theft Sling Pack is for you. It’s loaded with security features, including a slash guard, lockable zippers, cut-resistant wire reinforced shoulder strap, and an RFID blocking pocket to ensure that your things, money, and identity stay inside with you. Plus, you get three pockets for easy organisation.

Black Ember TKS Waterproof Tech-kit Sling: Unless you are a superhero, who can dry wet things with your powers, you wouldn’t want your items to get wet in the rain. But don’t worry, sling bags are water-resistant, and as the name suggests, this one is waterproof. Plus, you get six pockets that you can use as a wallet.

Ruigor Sling Bags: Ruigor makes many sling bags, but all of their bags are not only loaded with security features and water-resistant but also come with a USB charger outside to let you charge your phone on the go. Plus, they are neither too heavy nor too light, giving you the much-needed functionality and comfort you need. Hands down, Ruigor Sling Bags are the best sling bags for men.


To complete, we can say that sling bags are the most valuable things for men. These small and easy-to-carry bags come in handy when you have to pocket many small things while not compromising comfort. This blog concluded the difference between hip packs and sling bags, introduced how to pick sling bags, and listed the top sling bags.

So, in the end, we would love to give you a vote of thanks for reading and urge you to go wherever the day takes you with your Ruigor Sling Bags. See you soon with our next fantastic blog post.