Many times we have been asked how to choose the right Backpack. And the answer really depends on you! Because you first need to take your needs into consideration. Afterward, identify the backpacks that offer all the features that fulfill them. In order to help you with the identification of the Ruigor Backpack that fits you the best, we suggest you follow our recommendations below:


The Ruigor LINK and ICON backpacks have many features that improve your travel experience. For the LINK backpacks, the SBS zipper and hidden boxes of the backpacks prevent thieves from stealing your belongings. What is more, the backpacks have an attachment compatible with trolleys. Both product lines offer not only laptop compartments but also USB charging ports which enable the connection of your phone to other electronic devices such as power banks.


For businessmen and women, how to choose the right Backpack, is easy. We recommend the EXECUTIVE line. The premium materials used for the bags allow the safe storage of your work files, laptops, and tablets. What is more, the elegant design suits every business-related event.  


Do you like cycling, hiking, and other outdoor activities? Then the ACTIVE line is your best bet. These backpacks are purposely designed for being worn for a prolonged time while doing physical activities. Their ergonomic design and super lightweight will allow you to comfortably wear them without you even noticing it.


If you are a student or someone who just needs a backpack suitable for every situation, the ICON Line backpacks will fulfill all your needs. Padded compartments allow you to safely carry all your electronic devices. Adjustable shoulder straps make it easy for you to customize the bag so that you can wear it with optimized comfort and the USB port keeps you always connected.


For professional athletes but also for sports enthusiasts the MOTION line has everything you wish for in a sports bag. Those bags have enough capacity and strength for carrying all your sports items. Also, a footwear compartment allows you to store your shoes separated from your clothing.

City enthusiasts

Do you like spending your leisure time in a busy city or just need a comfortable and light backpack? Then the backpacks from the CITY Line are what’s good for you. With their unique design that blends in with the cityscape, these backpacks offer everything one needs in a city. As for the LINK Line, the CITY Line backpacks offer hidden zippers and compartments for safely carrying all your belongings.