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Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags are practical and trendy. They are smaller than backpacks, yet they have the capacity to carry all the essentials for work, office, and university. They are the perfect choice for people who like things “quick” since it takes a second to take a shoulder bag on and off. Our Swiss-style shoulder bag focuses on sober and elegant design outside, and practicality and organisation inside. Enjoy the comfort and ease of use of RUIGOR’s shoulder bags.

5 years warranty

Our quality standards are high and our products are processed accordingly: With the best materials and craftsmanship techniques. Swiss quality standards in other words. That is why we give a 5-year guarantee on all products.

Intelligent organization & Light materials

We put a lot of time and know-how into organizing the interior of our shoulder bag. For every conceivable object, you can find an optimal place, be it a laptop, smartphone, pen, passport, wallet, etc. You will find out how easy it is to pack neatly and guaranteed not to forget anything. Thanks to the clear arrangement of our Swiss shoulder bags, you will also find anything you need in the blink of an eye.


Furthermore, shoulder bags have to be light to minimize the weight on your shoulders. This is why we make them of polyester! Thanks to the polyester, our shoulder bags are also water-repellent. This means that you can get about 30 minutes of rain on your shoulder bag without water leaking in. But please be advised to not force it. We created our shoulder bag keeping in mind that you will use them in an urban area, where you won’t be exposed to extreme waterfalls.

Swiss Design

Our shoulder bag’s design meets the needs of men and women of the 21st century. Casual and professional at the same time. So you are never overdressed but never underdressed either. The timeless style adapts to your look and your needs. The high-quality workmanship of our shoulder bags complements the high-quality, particularly light materials and gives our products the finishing touch. The casual shoulder strap is adjustable and gives your bag a secure hold so that you arrive relaxed at all times.

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RUIGOR LINK 44 Slingbag Black-Grey
RUIGOR LINK 44 Slingbag Black-Grey
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