If you love thrills, then there is no better adventure we can think of than hiking in the Alps of Switzerland for you. But when it comes to the activity, you will need multiple gears, including hiking assistance, food, and hydration. For storing all these, you need a daypack and not just any day pack. Therefore, you need to choose from the best daypacks for hiking.

Whether you need your first hiking day pack or a seasonal hiker, who requires a better daypack, this blog post is for you. Ruigor brings you the basics you need to know about daypacks for hiking, plus a review of the top daypacks for hiking. With that said, let’s dive right into the valuable content.

What Is A Daypack For Hiking?

For hiking, ordinary backpacks are not that helpful. You need a daypack, but what is a daypack for hiking? Let’s answer as simply as we can.

In simple words, a daypack for hiking, as the name suggests, is a special bag you need if you wish to carry a day’s worth of gear. Got it? Let’s continue to the features of the best daypacks for hiking.

The Features That Make The Best Day Pack For Hiking.

If you are going hiking, you won’t pack any ordinary daypack, nor will we let you choose an everyday hiking daypack. So how do you pick the best day hiking backpack? It will have all these features.

Price: The price is the first thing to look for in any daypack. No matter how many features it has or how cool it looks, it should be budget-friendly like the Ruigor Icon. But still, after buying your daypack, you can also play the part of making it last longer by taking care of it and not using it as a toy. However, if you have a high budget, buying a high-end investment bag won’t do any harm either.

Activity: Hiking is beyond an ordinary activity when we think about it. You might be a short day hiker, climber, summit bagger, or extended day hiker. For all these activities, you should get a daypack that can handle all these activities and still not wear & tear.

Weight: In an ordinary daypack, the weight will increase as you add more equipment. However, the best day hiking backpack will give you comfort and functionality while keeping the weight as minimal as possible. That’s the essential feature you need to look for in a daypack.

Now that we have the basics clear, we can finally start with the best daypacks for hiking review 2023.

5 Best Daypacks For Hiking Review 2023

Out of the many daypacks for hiking, we narrowed down the five best daypacks. Aren’t we nice? Please read the honest review for 2023 and select the best bag for your next hiking trip.


RUIGOR ICON 82 Laptop Backpack Black $99.99

best daypacks for hiking

The Ruigor Icon is the best day pack for hiking out of all the bags on our list. This pack is fit for all hiking endeavours. Whether you go on day hiking, multi-day hiking, or expeditions, the Icon is your companion for each activity. Due to its large size, you can store all your hiking equipment, and it still won’t wear and tear. Overall, it’s an incomparable daypack.

Features: Water repellent, smart airflow system, individual compartments for each gear, multi-chamber assortment, reflective strip, earphone port, large size, and bottle holders.



best daypacks for hiking

If you want an all-inclusive, multi-purpose premium bag, the Ruigor Executive is your best choice. This luxurious bag is made with an ergonomic design and lightweight material. It is a perfect daypack to carry, whether on a day hike, a multi-day hike, or a month-long expedition.

Features: USB connector port, intelligent organization, carrying comfort, anti-theft, and water repellent.



Ruigor Chrono is hands down the best daypack for all hiking ventures. Known for durability and comfort, it’s an all-purpose backpack that will indeed impress quality and functionality seekers. In addition, this 30 liters bag is roomy to store all your hiking equipment ideally, so what else do you need?

Features: Affordable, operational with quality and functionality, intelligent organization, anti-theft, water repellent, USB charging port at one side.



RUIGOR CITY 37 Laptop Backpack Dark Grey

For the most frequent and active hikers, the Ruigor City is their ideal choice, time, tested, again and again. Its durability and strength prove its worth. This one on our list is built for speed, convenience, safety, and your valuable hiking equipment. It comes with a 3-liter capacity, perfect for short day hikes.

Features: Highly simplified design, advanced compartments, comfortable carry, water repellent, and intelligent organization.


Krimcode Street Casual Backpack (Hiking Style) €99.00

Compared to all the other daypacks on our list, the Krimcode Large Hiking Backpack is is one of the most stylish backpacks for hiking. The bag is adjustable and comfortable hip, chest straps, and luggage strap to support your hiking activities. The bag is perfect for taking on hiking as it is roomy to keep all your equipment and at the same time it features one large compartment with sub-compartments for a laptop and other necessities secured tightly with a burlap-like pull closing.

Features: Washable and Breathable Shoe Compartment, Reinforced Shoulder Strap + Chest Strap + Padded Waist Strap, Breathable Airtrax Back Padding, Water Repellent K-tec Fabric, SBS Zippers, Hidden Anti Theft Pocket, Suitcase Strap, Sunglasses Holder, Umbrella/Bottle Pocket.

Now that you know about the top 5 daypacks for hiking, select your favourite and go on your next hiking adventure in style. We wish you good luck.


Hiking is a thrilling activity in Switzerland for those who have a craze for adventures all the time. You need a daypack to store all your gear for hiking, but not just any day pack. You need the best one.

This review lists the pros and cons of the top daypacks and how they compare to the Ruigor Icon to help the users pick the best daypack and head out on their next hiking trip in style.