Are you a travel enthusiast? Do you love to go on adventures frequently? Are you bored of doing the same old thrills and wish to try something new?

If your answer to all these questions is yes, we have something new and exciting for you.

Hut to hut hiking in Switzerland sounds fun, but what, where, and how? These are the questions that come to your mind. So, if you are also curious and want to experience this thrill with your family or pals, you have landed at the right place. This article focuses on the essentials of hut-to-hut hiking to help you get ready for your next hiking trip.


What Is A Hut To Hut Hiking?

In short, it’s a thrilling and memorable adventure that you must go on at least once in a while. But if you want to know, here’s a boring definition, it’s a method of traveling on foot to a new destination every night while staying in hotels, small inns, or hiking huts en route. Yes, that is pretty much it.


Equipment Required For Hut to Hut Hiking In Switzerland:

You will need to have some equipment before selecting one of the Swiss mountain huts to rent to go on the adventure. With that, here’s a handy list of essential gear.

  1. Ruigor Icon bag.
  2. Packing cubes.
  3. Trekking poles.
  4. Grade B/C hiking boots.
  5. Water bottle/bladder.
  6. Two short sleeve shirts & 1 long sleeve shirt.
  7. Hiking vest.
  8. Fleece.
  9. Rain Jacket.
  10. Hooded puffer jacket.
  11. Wool hiking socks.
  12. Hiking pants.
  13. Wool buff.
  14. Beanie.
  15. Half finger climbing gloves.
  16. Sleeping bag liner.
  17. Waterproof slippers.
  18. Microfiber travel towel.
  19. Cosmetics & first aid supplies.
  20. Leggings & sleeping shirt.
  21. Earplugs.
  22. E-reader
  23. Sun lotion with zinc oxide.
  24. Polarized sunglasses.
  25. Camera.
  26. Ruigor Icon camera bag.
  27. Camera cleaning kit.

Lastly, you will need your family or friends, because this adventure is fun solo, but it doubles or even triples when you are with your loved ones, isn’t it?


5 Exceptional Hut-to-Hut Hikes In Switzerland

You love it because hut-to-hut hiking gives you a mesmerizing, fun, and memorable experience that you can’t wait to go on the next time. It’s something that you love to do again and again without getting bored. Switzerland offers some of the best hut-to-hut hiking experiences, and to make it even easier for you to select one, we narrowed it down to the five best Swiss mountain huts to rent.

Greina Pass

Hut to hut hiking in Switzerland - Greina Pass

Starting off our list with a big and beautiful as the skies pass, Greina Pass is one of the best huts in Switzerland for exploring a lot in a few days. This beautiful mountain pass remains an untouched beauty full of rich emerald pastures and trickling mountain creeks that will captivate you with their beauty, buried in the mountains. Here’s some helpful info about the Greina Pass.

Region: Grisons/Ticino.

Start: Runachez.

Finish: Ghirone.

Distance: 15 miles.


Sentiero Alpino Calanca

hut to hut hiking in switzerland - Sentiero Alpino Calanca

Natural beauty, comfort, and thrill summarize Switzerland’s multi-day hut-to-hut hiking trail. The Sentiero Alpino Calanca is an excellent opportunity for you to travel the wonderful hill between the Calanca and Misox valleys, viewing the Alps’ captivating panorama. But, of course, if you get tired midway, don’t worry.

Unload your Ruigor Icon bag in the beautiful mountain accommodation en route. There’s so much here that you can’t miss going on this hut hiking in Switzerland adventure.

Region: Grisons.

Start: San Bernardino.

Finish: Santa Maria.

Distance: 28 miles.


Four Source Trail

hut to hut hiking in switzerland - Four Source Trail

There is a fantastic fact behind this hut-to-hut hiking in Switzerland trail. The Four Source Trail got its name because it passes through the source of 4 major rivers in Switzerland. Also known as the Vier Quellen Weg and is a famous four-night hut-to-hut hiking trip from Oberalpsee to the Rhone Glacier.

This 53 miles route split into five stages offers you incredible alpine vista and almost infinite charming pastures. What else can we say about it than the fact that it’s unforgettable?

Region: Uri/Valais.

Start: Oberalpsee.

Finish: Rhone Glacier.

Distance: 53 miles.


Via Alpina: Murren to Oeschinensee

hut to hut hiking in switzerland - Murren to Oeschinensee

How about a hut-to-hut hiking trail that also offers you length options? Sounds crazy, isn’t it, but the Via Alpino trail offers you a shorter route too, which is equally captivating, by the way, if you don’t have the time to complete the entire 20-day tour. Another unique thing about it is you can also take shortcuts if you don’t feel like walking much. Even though it starts from Lauterbrunnen, you can take a bus to Stechelberg and a cable car to Murren.

As for the natural beauty, you will see breathtaking views of the Jungfrau, Eiger, and Monch. It’s so amazing that we can’t describe it in words. You must experience it yourself to tell the tale.

Region: Bern.

Start: Lauterbrunnen.

Finish: Kandersteg.

Distance: 24 miles.


Tour Des Muverans

Tour Des Muverans

As they say, we always keep the top for last, and so we leave you with the Tour Des Muverans, a four-day tour around the peak of the great Muveran Mountain. So what’s so offbeat about this on? Let’s take a peek.

  • It covers six amazing passes and three alpine lakes.
  • You will see panoramic vistas of the snow-covered Swiss Alps.
  • You get an opportunity to see captivating views of Mont Blanc, Dents Du Midi, and more, so don’t forget your DSLR.
  • You have many options of hiking huts to choose from to spend each night.

Region: Valais/Vaud

Start/finish: Derborence Lake aka Pont de Nant.

Distance: 32 miles.


Making your personal hut-to-hut trekking path

Did you know that if you don’t like the set trekking paths, you can make your hut-to-hut trekking in the Switzerland route? If you don’t prefer what you see here or any other premade trail for hut-to-hut hiking in Switzerland, many clubs can help you with the issue. You need to choose a hiking path and two huts that connect the route. Then, the club will do the rest.

See, it’s easy, thrilling, and fun. So we wish you good luck for your next hut-to-hut hiking adventure in Switzerland.



Hut to hut hiking is a thrilling and fun adventure you must experience from time to time, especially if you love walking. With proper hiking gear and the best equipment, hut-to-hut hiking can be an unforgettable experience. So get your Ruigor Icon bags and go on a thrill that’s for one and all.