Going to college is one of the most incredible feelings you can ever get. We all know it cause we have been there. Your first impression in college is the key, and the first step is it with the best mens backpack for school. Today’s blog is specially curated for students because we will talk about college backpacks.

This blog gives you an idea about what kind of backpack is best for your college, along with the types of popular backpacks available. Like always, a list is waiting for you at the end. Which one, you ask? Read on and find out for yourself.

What Kind Of Backpack Should I Get For College?

Well, interesting question. Since going to college is a big deal, you need to have a backpack that can last long enough throughout your college years, and who knows, maybe beyond. First, you need to look out for some things in your college backpack, sturdiness, versatility, style, and a few more.

Let’s talk about it in a bit of detail, just for the sake of it.


First things first, your college bag needs to be strong enough to hold all your stuff. After all, you carry so much in your bag, books, headphones, chargers, laptops, etc. So your bag must be capable enough to firmly carry all your stuff and save you from the embarrassment when your things fall in front of your friends because your bag was a cheap replica of a branded bag. Also, don’t forget that it should also last longer.


Hands down, we don’t use college backpacks for a single purpose. That’s why versatility is essential for your college backpack, which you can easily find in the Ruigor Chrono bag.


Making an impression in college is an essential thing. If your bag is stylish enough, you are already halfway in achieving that. The rest depends on how you stand out from the rest in your college, like your backpack.


Your college backpack must be able to store all your things while also leaving some breathing space. A roomy bag is always good because it never feels too heavy or light.

The ideal size

Your mens backpack for school should also be of the right size, too bulky, and it will hang off your shoulders, giving you back pain from long-term use. Too short, and it won’t fit your shoulders. A tip is to look for a bag with shoulder straps that fit you exactly like a mould.

Types Of College Backpacks For Men

Now that you know what qualities are required in college backpacks, let’s talk about the types of college backpacks for men. When it comes to college backpacks, you have many options to choose from. It all depends on your style and personality.

Let’s have a look below at the five popular styles.

  1. Sling bags.
  2. Office bags.
  3. Daypacks.
  4. Laptop bags.
  5. Wide school bags.

Best Backpacks For College Students With Laptops

Here we go again; this time, we have got for you the list of best backpacks for college students with laptops. Since there are multiple brands out there, it might be overwhelming for you when choosing a backpack for college. So we narrowed down the top 5 best backpacks for college guys and girls for you.

Ruigor Link Laptop Backpack

Ruigor Link Laptop Backpack 

Do you wish to get a mens backpack for school that perfectly blends innovation & style? Then look no further than the Ruigor Link Laptop Backpacks. Available in black-gray, these modern cut-proof and minimalist-looking bags will have you stand out from the rest on campus.

Features: Reflective stripes for better visibility in the dark, hidden pockets invisible to strangers, cut-proof material to protect your items from pickpockets, opens 180 degrees.

Ruigor City Backpacks

The Ruigor City Laptop Backpacks are about safety, comfort, and style. Trendy and professional, you can take them anywhere as it’s designed to blend with the city’s landscape. In addition, the bags are smart enough for you to quickly store all your items while stylish enough for campus; overall, a good choice for your campus days.

Features:  Extendable USB charger at one side, intelligent compartment system, and anti-theft material.

Krimcode Smart Casual Backpacks

Krimcode Smart Casual BackpackIf you are bored purchasing the same old usual backpacks for educational institutions, go for the Krimcode Smart Casual Backpack, especially laptops. As the name suggests, it has a design that combines casual and classy for that look you can show off every time in college, making it the perfect go-to and one of the best backpacks for school.

Features: 3 compartments, suitable for electronics such as laptops, and roomy.

Ruigor Active Laptop Backpacks

Ruigor Active Backpacks

Nothing can be better than Ruigor Active Laptop Backpacks for an active lifestyle during your college days. Stylish and practical, this one on our list are unique bags that will make you look fantastic in college.

Features: Water-resistant exterior, separated compartments, and ideal for laptops up to 15.6 inches.

Ruigor Chrono Backpacks

Mens Backpack For School

The Ruigor Chrono gives you durability, functionality, comfort, and quality. The multi-purpose 4 in 1 bags are perfect for guys and girls, as it makes them appear cool while also protecting their electronics with their sturdiness. Stylish from the outside strong from the inside, we declare this medium-sized mens backpack for school the best on our list.

Features: USB charging port, storing a laptop of up to 15 inches, and intelligent organisation.



This blog post concludes how essential it is to go to college with the right bag. We listed the best college bags for students and also briefed you on the qualities to look for and the types of popular college bags. We hope you got valuable information from this post and enjoyed reading it.

So get your Ruigor Chrono backpack to campus and show your friends how you stand out from the pack. We thank you for reading our post. Until next time, goodbye and all the best for college.