Want to go camping in Switzerland? You’ll love this article on backpacking for beginners!

There is no question about Switzerland being the hub of adventures. There are many activities that you will love, including hiking and skiing. However, in this blog, we will discuss backpacking camps, and if you think I have never done it before, should I try it? Then don’t worry. This blog is jam-packed with backpack camping essentials for beginners.

Beginners Guide to Backpacking

If you are just a beginner in the adventure of backpacking camp, you must be very excited, curious, or thrilled, but the biggest mistake novices make is take the first step without any guidance or advice. Doing so can lead to several issues, including unwanted injuries. But since you don’t want any of that to happen.

Here are some backpacking camp tips for beginners.

Choose An Accessible Destination

Since you are only getting started, choosing convenience rather than thrill is wise. It’s as easy as saying that if the camp is too hard, you might get a miserable experience. However, if it’s too easy, you will have more time to discover the area around your camp. That’s precisely what you want for your starting backpacking camps.

Get Essential Gear And Clothing

It’s straightforward that you need the appropriate equipment and clothing before going on a backpacking camp in Switzerland. However, it is not too much to worry about. All you need are the following things.

  1. Tent.
  2. Ruigor Icon backpack.
  3. Sleeping bag.
  4. Sleeping pad.
  5. Stove.
  6. Water.
  7. Kitchen supplies.
  8. Next-to-skin base layers.
  9. Nylon pants.
  10. T-shirts.
  11. Sun shirts.
  12. Sun hat & warm hat.
  13. Puffy vest.
  14. Fleece.
  15. Gloves.
  16. Rainwear.

See, nothing much.

Pack The Food

Even when easy, backpacking camps can get exhausting, and you will get hungry. Thus, we would recommend packing proper food. Here’s the list.

  • For dinner, we suggest all in one meal, you know, like instant noodles, etc., you get the idea.
  • For lunch, you need high-calorie protein because the day is for exploration that takes energy. Try energy bars, trail mix, bagels, jerky, dry fruit, and nuts to keep you going.
  • For breakfast, you can either go for cooked meals or breakfast bars. If you are an “I can’t think straight without my coffee.” person, we recommend instant coffee mixes.

Last-Minute Tips: Here are a few additional tips for you.

  • We will put it straight. Backpack camps are physically demanding, so you need to be fit and healthy.
  • You need to prepare your mind for any challenges, familiarize yourself with the equipment and do practice at home before heading out.
  • Know beforehand if you need any permits for the camp.
  • Let your family members know your trip plan so that they can help you quickly if you need it.
  • Pack everything as early as possible. It’s self-explanatory.
  • Last but not least, keep away from wild animals as much as you can and don’t panic if you come across one.

How Big of a Backpack Do I need For Camping?

Of course, you need a bag for backpack camping, but as for the size of your Ruigor Icon bag, it could be big or small. We don’t know. Why? Because it depends on the type of camping, you are going on. So there is no exact size of a backpack. However, let’s find out the perfect backpack for camping for you.

For day hiking: If the backpacking camp time you have set on your clock is 24 hours only, you need a small bag since all you need is food, a few layers, a first-aid kit, and water. Here we would recommend a daypack. These typically fall between 10 and 35 liters.

For weekend camping

Let’s level up and increase your camping days to two, I.e., Saturday and Sunday. So if you are also a weekend camper, say no to daypacks and get a Ruigor Icon weekend camping backpack, ideal for 1 to 3 nights in the woods.

For multi-day backpacking

Even bigger than weekend camping is multi-day backpacking, which is about 3 to 5 nights, so your bag size increases again, this time a 50 to 70 liters of an outdoor backpack for camping, which allows you to pack the extra food, layers, and backpacking gear to enjoy a multi-day camp.

For expeditions

You will need a bulky backpack for the ultimate thrill-seeking. However, here’s the catch since you are staying in the wild for more than five nights, the lighter load is a better choice. Well, you know better.


Best backpacking trips for beginners and experts

Beginners, novices, new persons, and experts to this adventure activity rejoice as we unveil our top 4 picks for the best backpacking trips for everyone in Switzerland.

Camping Jungfrau

The first one on our list is one of the most famous ones in Switzerland too. Camping Jungfrau is a holiday mountain park in Lauterbrunnen, the village has some of the tallest peaks in the area, and the campsite is just across from the river from chalets and cottages. So that makes reaching there and setting up your tent easy. Other than that, it offers thrilling hikes, beautiful views, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, definitely one of the best backpacking trips for beginners you shouldn’t miss.

TCS Camping Sempach

For peaceful, relaxing, and rejuvenating backpacking camp experiences, head over to TCS Camping Sempach, on the banks of the lake Sempach, which is a captivating area filled with trees and beautiful nature. Also, if you love camping trips that also allow swimming and beach volleyball, it is an ideal destination for you.

TCS Camping Bonigen – Interlaken

Let’s first talk about Interlaken for a while. In simple words, it happens to be a beautiful village between two lakes and is host to more campsites than you can imagine. Out of all of them, we chose camping Bonigen near Lake Brienz. The best part is that even if you don’t like camping, there are plenty of activity options, including hiking in Interlaken.

Camping Silvaplana

whether you are a summer lover or a winter lover, Camping Silvaplana on the north bank of Lake Silvaplana, Engadin, equally welcomes you. Popular in both seasons, here you can do windsurfing, kitesurfing, and more, but when it’s freezing, you have many skiing options. Overall, there is something for everyone here.


Backpack camping is another activity that can give you the thrill, challenges, and fun. Switzerland has many campsites filled with natural beauty and offers everyone something, whether a beginner, intermediate or expert. So in your vacation, instead of resting in your home, take your Ruigor Icon bag and head out for a backpacking camp adventure.