Best Autumn hikes in Switzerland are fairytales come true. Golden landscapes, redly adorned hiking trails, refreshing temperatures, friendly people, and idly smelling chestnut snacks. When the green pastures change prepare for Winter, the whole Alpine color scheme transforms into a romantic, cozy area. Only the needle trees keep their intense green color throughout all Winter. A characteristic that has made them become the widely used Christmas tree.

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7. Mürren Mountain View Trail

Family Fun in the mountains

Best Autumn hikes in Switzerland

Mürren Mountain View Trail is a family-friendly 3 – 4 hours hike. The rather vertical beginning evens up into a very pleasant hike with astonishing views. The trail is 7km long and leads to a children-friendly guest house.

Here you can enjoy some Swiss typical mountain food, have a refreshing drink, or learn about the many mountain flowers. They have a wonderfully detailed freely available guide in different languages.

And what makes this hike so special in autumn? The special view of the glacier mountains where the warm colors of autumn meet the cold presence of glaciers. A relaxing, peaceful, and refreshing hike after the long and hot Swiss Summer.

6. Brecca Valley and Lake of Schwarzsee

A pleasant hike in the fresh air

Best Autumn hikes in Switzerland

The splendid Brecca Vally is a delightful place to hike any time of the year. The glacier-formed valley is wide and the views are long. Yet, it gives its best during the Autumn season, when the Schwarzsee turns emerald green. When the reflection on its surface becomes intense yellow and red, forming strong contrasting colors.

The hike is about 4 hours long and 14km long. Start by taking the funicular to Schwarzee. This is where the fun begins. A smooth hike brings you 450 meters above the lake, from where you can enjoy a splendid view of Swiss’s autumn valley. From there, it is a smooth and pleasant hike downhill. On the way, you find many spots to rest and enjoy the fresh and clean air. About halfway you also find a typical Swiss mountain coffee where you can have an abundant launch or a quick power snack.

For more info about this hiking trail, click here.

5. Jura & Three-Lakes

A pleasant walk in paradisic nature

Best Autumn hikes in Switzerland

In the West part of Switzerland, where French is spoken and wine is produced, there is an absolute jewel of pure and idyllic nature. The region of Jura is as pretty as nature can be. Here mountains meet on bigger and smaller lakes, allowing everyone to find a perfect place to enjoy themselves.

A 13km trail starting in Goumois takes you 3,5 hours on a more or less even trail. If you feel like hiking, you can nevertheless take some of the many nearby trails and hike up to a peak to enjoy fantastic scenery.

But also walking along the relaxing trail is full of pleasant sights. The forest assumes fire red colors, chestnuts can be found along the trail and fishers enjoy their days fishing for the local trout.

For more information about the Jura and 3 lakes hike, click here.

4. Val Bregaglia

A long hike for fit hikers

Best Autumn hikes in Switzerland

Val Bregaglia is a long glacier-formed valley. Thus, the valley is quite deep, while the surrounding mountains are towering high. This is part of the Val Bregaglia charm, and the many small and old-style villages add the extra for a perfect day. But be advised. This hike is long and requires an entire day of activity.

The 18km long trail has an ascent of 640 meters and begins in Maloja. It ends in Soglio where you can decide on whether to hike back on the same route or take a bus back. If you begin the hike in the early morning, you will be in Soglio by lunchtime. Here you have many delicious places to have some Swiss-Italian food delicacy!

For more information about this hike, click here.

3. Gasterntal

The valley for every season in gold

Gasterntal is a valley of many hiking possibilities. And its naturally beautiful scenario makes it actually a perfect pick for any season. But autumn makes it especially beautiful and therefore makes it in our top 3 of best autumn hikes in Switzerland. Having the pine trees colored green and the valley sides while walking under a golden yellow tree roof is simply priceless.

We propose you a long hike here, but there are many options in the Gasterntal Valley. Click here for info.

2. Via Engiadina

11km of happy up and down

Best Autumn hikes in Switzerland

This is a hike you wish never finished. Unfortunately, it is just a 4 hours hike. But lucky enough, you can choose to walk all the way back, and trust us, it isn’t the same in the opposite direction. One of the best Autumn hikes in Switzerland you better don’t miss this year!

The trail comfortably rises above the valley, offering splendid views from the bottom to the top. What makes this hike so fantastic, is that here autumn touches every inch of the valley. The sky is blu, the trees colored and even the grasses and bushes color lovely red.

A pleasant hike for adults and children, for more info, click here.

1. Derborence

Hiking, bathing, animal watching

Best Autumn hikes in Switzerland

Not far from Jura and the three lakes you can find the most magical place of Swiss Autumn: Derborance. This artificial lake is also the most recent Swiss lake, which makes it crystal clear and clean.

The surrounding mountains adorn the lake with their calm, natural, and magnific charm, vigilant of the silent valley. And in between, calmly and happily, rest some of the typical Swiss mountain houses. Peacefully the farmers have collected the last grass, while the chestnut trees are giving their fruits.

And the particularly beautiful lake is blessed with animals, who come here in the early morning and late evening. You can spot them when hiking up the surrounding mountains. And this is why we think that Derborance deserves the N.1 place on our list of best hikes in Switzerland. There is simply so much magic happening here in 24hours of Autumn, that the best thing to do is check it out yourself!

If you want more information on Derborance hikes, click here.


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Best Autumn hikes in Switzerland


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