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Ask yourself these questions before buying a new backpack
June 15

When buying a new backpack, you should ask yourself these questions before even starting to surf the internet for your perfect…

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On long journeys a straw weighs heavy…
May 20

On long journeys each straw weighs too much, unless it is carried in a RUIGOR. As winter blues fade away in…

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Swiss Ruigor exposes at travel goods Las Vegas
March 27

Swiss Ruigor exposes its cool gear at this year’s travel goods show in the heart of Las Vegas The marvelous Las…

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Swiss Ruigor Is Staying True To Its Tradition By Innovating A Brand New Range Of Suitcases Named Porter
March 26

Swiss Ruigor has made a name for itself in designing best quality backpacks, bags and suitcases. Their products are ideal for…

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Ruigor on the Road
February 12

With a week’s holiday in hand I’m escaping the bustle of the city andheading to the countryside. My choice of backpack... Read More
Ruigor’s Worldwide Presence
November 9

Ruigor backpacks keep up with you on every adventure. Each backpack has functional features and designs that puts you at your…

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Backpack of the Month – RUIGOR EXECUTIVE 26
October 25

In October, when all trees reveal their most beautiful colors and when the weather surprises you with silver skies and…

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Around the World With Ruigor
October 25

October not only rings with autumn, it also starts off with some great events all around the world. Starting in Germany,…

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How to choose the right Backpack
September 14

For the choice of the perfect Ruigor Backpack, you should first take all your needs into consideration. Afterward, identify the backpacks…

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How to properly wear a heavy backpack
September 6

In this blog you will learn how to properly wear a backpack and improve the comfort. In fact, a correct wearing…

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