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Ruigor on the Road

With a week’s holiday in hand I’m escaping the bustle of the city and
heading to the countryside. My choice of backpack for the trip: the
Ruigor ICON 25.

It’s a bag I’ve come to rely on for my day-to-day
city commute, but given its impressive 26 litre capacity, smart
organization and adjustable padded shoulder straps, it’s a sound choice
for longer excursions too.

I arrive at the train station early.
The glare from the morning sun disappears as I enter the station
concourse. I remove my sunglasses and tuck them into the holder on the
backpack’s shoulder strap. I pass through the security checkpoint and
show the guard my ticket and passport which I’m able to reach for from
the easily accessible front pocket, secured with concealable zippers.

stations in the city centre are notoriously loud and so I find a seat
and hit play on a recent podcast. The ICON 25 allows you to access your
earphones externally through a slot in the top whilst keeping your
devices safely hidden inside. I used to ration the time I’d spend on my
phone ahead of long journeys, fearful that I’d run out of battery, but
the USB port on the side of the backpack allows me to conveniently
charge my devices when on the move.

A tannoy announcement breaks
the air. Crowds rush for the escalators leading to the platform. I’m
jostled from left to right but I’m confident in the backpack’s
sturdiness in protecting my belongings. In the compartment where I
usually stow my work laptop I’ve filed my travel documents; bedded
between my clothes sits a guide to Life Beyond The City; my keys hang
securely from the bag’s internal keyring: the intelligent organisation
and various secure pockets of the ICON 25 provide peace of mind and help
to reduce the burden of the trip.

I locate my seat. I hang the
bag from the hook above and reach for my water flask from the bag’s
pull-string side pocket. One final shout from the train officials and
the train gets going.

Ruigor and I are off to the countryside!

To find out more about this backpack, please have a look at the Ruigor Icon 25 laptop backpack product page.