After successfully building up a reputation in many markets through Europe and Asia, Ruigor is now starting its journey with Uncle Sam.

It is with great pleasure that we just announced our entrance in the US market this April. Following the success of the brand in Switzerland and Germany, we extended our target to the Asian market. Now gaining more influence, Ruigor decided to conquer one of the biggest market of the World, the United States of America. Selling innovative and high quality Swiss heritage inspired backpacks, we now enable American citizens to purchase these items.

To celebrate this market entry, Ruigor just started a launch campaign offering 50% off all products on for a short time. This is an exclusive opportunity to discover the Ruigor experience at prices defying all competition! Starting this adventure with 2 of the international bestsellers, we will widen the choice in following times, aiming to satisfying all our fans. We are eager to live this American journey and as we say in Switzerland, wish us Viel Erfolg!