“To me, there’s nothing like getting out and experiencing the sites first-hand– not just see them on a screen.” This is one of the life motto of the travel blogger Trees&Travels. The 23 years old Ashley from Chicago knows where you should go in North America in order to see great landscapes. Trees&Travels especially focus on special places for hiking and camping. Ashley always has experienced firstly the places before writing about them. She hiked in the Denali National Park together with an Alaskan Husky, enjoyed the sun at the beautiful Warren Duns State Park at the Lake Michigan or just walked through a lovely winter scenery in the suburbs of Chicago. The blogger knows how to enjoy even smalls things in life and to travel through North America without a lot of money.

A frequent hiker like Ashley needs of course for these trips a reliable backpack. For her regular trips she decided to buy a Ruigor RG6147 bag and she directly felt in love with the practical pockets and the high quality. This is way she wrote a very nice review about the advantages of the bag and posted it on her blog and social media channels. Thanks for that Ashley! Have always a fun traveling and hiking with Ruigor.

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