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Ruigor RICB47 1U0SM HalfSideRight 20180716

Icon 47

The Icon 47 is our allrounder backpack. Its ergonomic backpiece with an integrated airflow system and wide padded shoulder straps makes it comfortable to wear. This also helps to prevent chronic problems with the spine and shoulder pain. Thanks to its padded multi-chamber organization and water repellence it stores all items safe and well in order. A perfect pick for daily school and work commuters looking for style and practicality. The offer is valid until the end of the month.

$94.90 $47.45

Offer available only until August 31st or till stock expiry.
Ruigor RICP30 1N0SM Front 20180828

Icon 30

The RUIGOR ICON 30 is a small utility bag designed to keep small items in place, order, and safe. Made of main a compartment and 6 smaller ones, it gives you and your children all the arrangement possibilities a long school day requires. Pens, rubbers, scissors, crayons, and much more will be safe and well stored in this little bag of great possibilities. And the extra Swiss touch with the classy design and unbeatable quality (we offer 5 years warranty) also makes this bag a perfect companion for short trips as an accessory bag.

$39.90 $19.95

Offer available only until August 31st or till stock expiry.
Ruigor RICB78 1U0SM HalfSideLeft 20180717

Icon 78

The RUIGOR ICON 78 is built for ease of use. This bag is our answer to the question of how you can carry all your daily necessities as efficiently as possible. A padded compartment is designed for both your laptop and tablet so that they remain protected from scratches and bumps. With our intelligent compartment system, you are able to store all your items separately for easy access whenever you need them. With the ICON 78, you are absolutely sure to have a suitable backpack for every situation.

$104.90 $52.45

Offer available only until August 31st or till stock expiry.

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