When buying a new backpack, you should ask yourself these questions before even starting to surf the internet for your perfect product.  How often should you get a new backpack? Because in a world full of backpacks, you need to know when should you get a new backpack. There are thousands of different backpacks in the world, but only one person like you. Your needs, your desires, and your budget will determine the best backpack to carry with you.

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6 Questions Before Buying A New Backpack

  1. What is my budget

    When buying a new backpack, determining your budget from the beginning will considerably restrict the number of backpacks available on the market. For a rule of thumbs consider that:

    – Backpacks that cost less than 20$ will probably break within a year
    – Backpacks within 20$-40$ have an average life span of 2-4 years
    – Backpacks between 40$-100$ have a lifespan of up to 10 years in good conditions
    – Backpacks over 100$ are top-notch quality, often highly specialized in a field, such as hiking, military, or wildlife excursions. They should outlive you.

    Most people know, that the cheapest article is not a good pick. Considering that a backpack can have a positive or negative impact on your spine and shoulder posture, try to avoid the cheapest articles.

    Backpacks between 20$-40$ are already of better quality and can be a good pick. But once again, time will deteriorate the product and don’t expect any special features with it.

    Backpacks of the middle-high range are the most popular products and for a good reason. They are reliable companions on your daily commutes from home to office, and versatile for weekend excursions outside the city. They withstand stress and weather conditions, are comfortable on your shoulders, and have those extra features that make daily life so much better (we will talk about them later). In this category, you will find many different backpacks, specialized in some specific area.

    Finally, we have the most expensive category of backpacks. Any backpack over 100$ should be highly specialized in something. It should be made of super-light materials, have extremely comfortable extras, such as bag nets or air-flow system to keep your back dry. Understand that the more options you want in your backpack, the more expensive it will be.

  2. Why do I need it?

    When buying a new backpack, asking yourself “why do I need a new backpack” is always an important question. By asking yourself “why” you will determine the size of your backpack and the extra functions it should have. Do you need it for your child’s school? You are probably looking for something that fits many books. Are you looking for your University backpack? Then you will need space for your laptop, tablet, a mobile charger port, and a pen holder. Or maybe you need it for your office? Then you might need a backpack that ensures your documents safely and stores electronic devices properly, without being damaged. Yet, maybe you are still looking for something else. You might need a backpack for the weekend, to go out, carry some toys or balls, a cover to picnic, some external pockets on the side for your water bottles.

    Whatever your purpose might be, think about it in detail. It will help you to find your perfect backpack!

  3. Where will I use it?

    “Where” will strongly determine the outer set of your backpack.

    The world is a big place. If you will climb Mt. Everest, you will definitely need a backpack of over 100$. If you plan to walk through the Patagonian desert, you will also need a top-notch backpack. Extreme conditions require the best equipment.

    Most of us, will never even think about doing such crazy things. So, think easy. Do you live in a place where it often rains? Then get a water-repellent or waterproof backpack. Do you live or plan to go to muddy places? Get a backpack that can easily be washed. Or, do you live in a rather dark place? Get a backpack with light-reflecting stripes to be safe while walking or riding next to the streets.

  4. How often do I use it?

    Frequency determines how long your backpack will be used. If you are looking forward to using it daily, you should buy a backpack that takes care of your spine! Padded shoulder straps, length-adjustable shoulder straps, and a rigid structure are of good help for your important spine.

    Do you simply want to use it once in a while and carry it for a short distance? You will want something practical and easy to store when not in use. For example, if you have a backpack for Sunday excursions to the park with children, you will carry the backpack for only 20 minutes. That won’t harm your spine. It will be more important, how easily your children can use it, and if it is safe from pickpocketers.

  5. Do I worry about pickpocketing?

    Sometimes you just don’t want to worry about your valuables. Some backpacks can strongly help you to be safe from thieves with their extra safety solutions. Link 40 of RUIGOR are some good examples of it. Hidden zippers will disarm most pickpocketers. Not knowing where to attack you, they will simply look for another, easier prey. Yet, some thieves go beyond sneakingly opening pockets. Some thieves might simply cut your backpack open. This robbery requires at least 2 people, one distracting you while one is cutting. Which makes it very successful. An anti-cut texture will prevent also this kind of thief. Check out Link 39 of RUIGOR for further details.

  6. How much warranty do I want?

    When buying a new backpack, a warranty is always cool. On one side, it makes you happy because you know that you are buying a good quality product, and on the other side, it allows you to worry less about acting. Choose brands that stand up for their products, and assist you when you have problems. You can’t expect this kind of service on cheap backpacks. Transport costs will simply eat up any profit margin of cheap backpacks, so, they are simply unavailable.

    Instead, look for a brand that offers at least 2 years warranty. With that, you make sure that they are actually trying to help. A 1-year warranty is a joke, more than a help. If a backpack breaks in under 1 year, it clearly was a production defect. Any company should replace a defective product.

    Any brand that gives you more than 2 years, is serious about its quality and customer service. Many things can happen in 2 years. If a backpack breaks after more than 2 years, it is an incident. A good company will fulfill its purpose of delivering high-quality products instead of cheap items. They will replace your product, even if you might have to go through a process.

    At RUIGOR, we offer 5 years of warranty on all our products. With this, you can be worry-free for a long, long time, and enjoy your product as you are supposed to do.


    When buying a new backpack, think about how, where, and why you need it. Once you have answered these questions, you will be much closer to your ideal backpack. Consider then your budget, warranty expectations, and safety concerns. For elegant office backpacks, check out the RUIGOR Executive line. For safety from pickpocketers, check out the RUIGOR Link line. For an active lifestyle, check out the RUIGOR Active line. For Office and Urban lifestyle, check out the RUIGOR City and RUIGOR Icon line.