RUIGOR’s quick answer to COVID19 had a great impact on the team since it signed an unprecedented digitalization during pandemic. As the team scattered around the world, we worked harder than ever.

At RUIGOR we started 2020 with ambitious goals. But as March made it clear that the virus would go global, we did not hesitate one moment to give our most valuable asset – our employees – the freedom and choice of action they needed and deserved.

In a late evening meeting, as medias reported the first cases of COVID in Italy, we ordered pizza, looked into the TV, and had an open discussion. We did not focus on any financial problem, we didn’t calculate the impact of COVID on our sales. All that mattered, was our team. We all instantly knew that our lives were about to change, even though we had no idea how.

What was clear from the very beginning, was a common sense of fear. We were aware of the virus, but it seemed so far away. And then, suddenly, it was at our gates. We were facing a reality we had only seen in movies when suddenly it became reality!

Our CEO, who has always embraced and valued innovation, invited us to talk about our desires. “How can I help you in this hard situation?” was the question that would change RUIGOR in the next 5 months. An incredibly rich and honest discussion arose, where it became clear that the home office would become the “new normal” and that many colleagues of our international team would jump on an airplane and spend this hard time with their families.

The request was met without opposition. It became an evening of hugs and goodbyes. The next day, our team was sitting on airplanes for all different countries. In our luggage and backpacks, a laptop…which would become the most important working tool for a while.

We have now worked for 5 months remotely, scattered around the world. When we began, we were not sure we would be able to keep the previous pace, but it all turned out really well!!

While the initial phase was signed with adaptation, jet lags, and minor issues, the long term results are greatly positive. In the digital transformation, we have learned to be more independent, and to ask for help only when necessary, boosting concentration and focus. New ideas are arising on a daily basis, on how to implement our backpacks, on designing our bags, on launching new products, and on bringing in new fun elements. As our environment changed, so did our minds.

All this has brought great news and advantages to the team, and thus our customers! June has been our most successful month ever, showing that our outstanding customer service, quality products, and some extra surprise, go a long way…even in hard times.

Thanks to our team for the daily passion and good work, and thanks to all customers. We do our best to offer you great Swiss quality backpacks for an honest price with awesome services. And the recent success is proof of how many lives we are making easier with our innovative and user-friendly solutions.

Thank you RUIGOR team, and thank you, distinguished customers!