In this blog, you will learn how to properly wear a backpack and improve comfort. In fact, a correct wearing of a backpack can prevent an uneven distribution of the weight, thus creating less pressure on your back, neck and shoulders.

1) When packing, make sure to create an even distribution of the weight. A backpack with multiple compartments will be helpful with this.

2) You should position all items that have sharp corners in a place where they don’t poke you in the back.

3) A proper adjustment of the length of the straps will create an even distribution of the weight. Make sure that the straps are at an equal length.

4) Avoid wearing the backpack too low. If the backpack hangs too low it might cause pressure on your lower back.

5) Avoid wearing the backpack with only one shoulder strap.

Follow these five simple steps in order to fully enjoy your Ruigor backpacks!