Natural Wonders In Switzerland and its nature…a love story already Goethe wrote about. And while we recently discovered the 10 Secret places in Swizterland for Adventurers, today we present you the list of:

7 Swiss Most Natural Wonders In Switzerland

7. Matterhorn

natural wonders in switzerland

Matterhorn – undoubtedly the most famous of all Swiss mountains, maybe of the entire Alpine range. Its characteristic and unique shape make it a true wonder. In fact, thousands of people were attracted by the Matterhorn, in the attempt of conquering its peak. The race started in 1857 mostly with Italian climbers. But despite appearances, the Italian side is harder than the Swiss side. Many expeditions had to turn around, and it was only 8 years later, in 1865 Edward Whymper, Charles Hudson, Lord Francis Douglas, Douglas Robert Hadow, Michel Croz and the two Peter Taugwalders (father and son) were able to reach the summit by an ascent of the Hörnli ridge in Switzerland.

6. Northern Walls of the Jungfrau and Eiger

natural wonders in switzerland

If “The Wall” of Game of Thrones was real, this would be it. Not built by man, but rather by geological forces. This mountain wall is made of various peaks which rank among the highest in Europe. It is also the largest glacier area in whole Europe, making it a really inhospitable place. The night watch might have had fewer problems if this was the wall designed to protect them from the White Walkers.

Nowadays, one of the many Swiss Alpine railways and cablecars have made it unnecessary to challenge the brutal force of nature, but also these peaks have been virgin until the 19th century.

5. Aletsch Glacier

natural wonders in switzerland

Guess what you find in the largest frozen area of Europe? The biggest glacier obviously! And that already makes this glacier, one of the Swiss natural wonders. Aletsch Glacier is 23km long, with a volume of 15,4km3  and covers 81,7km2

Since 1870, Aletsch GLacier has retreated 3,2km and has lost 300 meters of its thickness.

But it remains an astonishing view for anyone who gets to see it. And it is a protected UNESCO Natural Heritage since 2001.

4. Lakes of the Upper Engadine

Between Maloja and St. Moritz, the Upper Engadine lake plateau presents itself sometimes almost as a kitschy tableau. Besides the four big lakes (St. Moritz, Silvaplana, Champfèrer, and Silser) a large number of romantic mountain lakes are hidden in the forests.

St. Moritz Lake

natural wonders in switzerland

Silvaplana Lake

natural wonders in switzerland

Champfèrer Lake

Lake Sils

natural wonders in switzerland

3. Lake Lucerne

natural wonders in switzerland

The Swiss country is blessed with an endless water supply, and Lake Lucerne is a good example of it. The surrounding mountains generously offer their clean water to Lake Lucerne, which has become a beloved travel destination. But it is the local community that enjoys the real perks of this wonderful sea, which come with the change of season. Being surrounded by many small and cozy cities, the locals here enjoy a fantastic range of activities as the weather changes.

In Summer, the lake is used for boating, sailing, paddling, scuba diving, and obviously swimming in the cold water and cool down from the warm Summer temperatures.

In Autumn, chestnuts and rusty colors put any mind at ease, feeling in harmony with the surrounding nature.

During Winter the lake doesn’t frost, but if so, the Swiss would definitely play hockey on it. And we would be their proud sponsors once again! Instead, Winter falls as a charm on the lake, and the locals use this time to ski and snowboard on the surrounding Alps.

While in Spring the lake comes back to life with the colorful alpine flowers and the beautiful emerald green reflections of this season. A Swiss natural wonder that all world envy to this little but pretty country.

2. Oeschinensee

natural wonders in switzerland

Oeschinensee already made it in our list of top 5 best hiking trails in Switzerland for Summer, and for a good reason. It is an Alpine lake like no other. Its crystal clear blu water is a wonder that leaves anyone astonished.

The lake offers many recreational activities, from fishing to mega slides, from swimming to hiking, and is, therefore, a beloved leisure spot for Swiss people.

But while you can expect to enjoy most Swiss mountain lakes in loneliness and peace, be prepared to share the beauty of lake Oeschinensee with other people. It is one of Switzerland’s natural wonders, and the locals have long enjoyed this special place.

1. Rhine Falls

natural wonders in switzerland

The N.1 most astonishing natural wonders in Switzerland all world envy, are the spectacular Rhine Falls. Europeans biggest waterfall is 150 meters wide and 23 meters tall.

Being located in a city, the waterfall offers many different activities.

From restaurants in good view:

To boat tours:

To hiking trails:


Switzerland has many natural wonders worth seeing. Millions of tourists visit our pretty little country, looking for incredible natural scenarios. When on the move in Switzerland, grab some Swiss typical items to enjoy the place just like locals do. For example, the ICON 47 Black is a wonderful backpack to come around in this unique country!

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