On long journeys each straw weighs too much, unless it is carried in a RUIGOR.

As winter blues fade away in this fragrant spring  days, the warm rays of the sun and everyone’s favorite season is knocking on the door, because a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about.  At Ruigor, we meticulously design little details of our bags to accompany you in enjoying little things in life, the warmth of a summer sun, the burn of a challenging hike, or the sound of ocean waves crashing just outside of your tent.

For avid mountain enthusiasts

If the thrill and excitement are your moto in life, one of your biggest concerns when planning a hike, and a crucial element in your whole on-trail experience is lightweight and ultralight backpacking. Our Ruigor Active line offers a wide range of multi-functional backpacks designed with extra light materials and premium straps to offer you all the ease and comfort you are seeking on every trip.

For those who like to travel in style

Whether you are planning a weekend of luxuriating in private infinity pools with a flute of Taittinger champagne in hand or wandering down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris; Luxury and style are your most exquisite mantra. Our Ruigor Executive line offers business class designed travel bags with premium materials, containing a very dense foam that is soft and resilient and generates a lightweight.

For technophiles

You are obsessed with technology, but you like to travel? The RUIGOR LINK 39 Anti-theft Backpack is outsmarting the thieves;  can be opened 180 degrees, which enables you to use your bag innovatively. Zippers and boxes are hidden, making your items difficult to access for strangers. The bag has separate compartments for your laptop and tablet so you can easily transport your devices. You can also charge your smartphone on the go thanks to the handy USB charging port.

For a romantic weekend getaway

Planning a getaway with your other half is a must-do this summer, whether you are planning to get that dreamy  sun kissed tan on your favorite beach or sip your fill among vineyards, luxe up at an impeccable resort, or wind down in a hip little trailer camp. Packing the essentials is primordial; Ruigor is offering its brand new range of suitcases named Porter for an organization on the go with its Interior zipped compartments to help you divide your possessions, and stability on the road with its 360 degree rotation that allows swift movement over the toughest of surfaces.