Travelling by flight is a necessity for some and a luxury for others. Whatever the reason, travelling on airlines is a unique and enjoyable experience, primarily when we use a personal backpack to carry with us to our destinations. However, if the word didn’t ring a bell, don’t worry, as this blog is all about backpacks.

So, what am I in for, you ask? This post tells you all about backpacks as a personal item and teaches you how to pack light for flights. As a bonus for reading, we also leave you with the personal item backpack list. So, read on, and as always, have fun.

Can You Use A Backpack As A Personal Item?

Backpacks are available in many sizes; some are short for single-day hikes and some large for multi-day hikes and extended vacations. These are categorised as personal items and carry-on items. So, to give you a straight answer, it’s yes, you can use backpacks as personal items. If you want a definition, a personal bag item is bag that fits under the seat of your flight.

Here are some neat examples of a personal item backpack.

  • A purse.
  • A handbag.
  • A laptop bag.
  • A briefcase.

Is A Backpack A Carry-On Or Personal Item?

Good question indeed. Many people get confused about whether a backpack is a carry-on or personal item. So we embark on a mission to clear this confusion once and for all.

In short, if it fits under your seat, then it’s a personal item, which means that your small backpacks and daypacks qualify under this category.

On the other hand, if your Ruigor Chrono is bigger for multi-day hikes, it will not fit under your seat. Thus it becomes a carry-on item. Also, to give you a chin up, if your backpack doesn’t even fit the size of the overhead flight carrier, it’s check-in luggage, and you can’t bring it with you on your flight, although you will get it back at the destination; so no worries.

So there you have it. We hope from now on you won’t have any confusion. Moving on to what size backpack is considered a personal item?

What Size Backpack Is Considered A Personal Item?

Interestingly enough, there is no specific size as to what size backpack is considered a personal item? In short, it depends on which airlines you are choosing for travel. However, since it’s our job to enlighten you, the different personal Item backpack sizes are here.

American Airlines: If you are travelling in American Airlines, a backpack of up to 18 X 14 X 8 inches is a personal item for you.

Delta: This one gives you a free choice; the only catch is that your backpack must fit under the seat.

Southwest: For flying solo or with family in Southwest, we would recommend you a backpack of up to 18.5 X 13.5 X 8.5 inches as they fit under your seat.

United Airlines: A word of warning before you travel in United Airlines, keep your backpacks up to 17 X 10 X 9 inches. Unfortunately, this excludes many regular-size loads that are wider than 10inches.

Alaska: Like the Delta, Alaska also gives you a free choice on personal item backpacks. So any back that fits under your seat is a personal item.

JetBlue: Take the privilege of flying in JetBlue with personal item backpacks up to 17 X 3 X 8 inches.

Air Canada: For Air Canada, it’s surprise-surprise, up to 17 X 13 X 6 inches.

Frontier: For Frontier, the size of the personal item backpack is up to 18 X 14 X 8 inches. Otherwise, it’s considered a carry-on item.

Spirit: When flying in Spirit, you should take up to 18 X 14 X 8 inches backpacks to keep them under your seat comfortably.

Light Packing Tips For Flight Trips

Packing for flight journeys at times can be hectic and even frustrating. We always get a commotion between what to pack and what not to. Then there is this overweight fee that we also need to handle. But don’t worry if you also get stuck in such situations, because we will teach you how to pack light for your next aeroplane trip.

  1. Use a personal item size bag.
  2. Weigh your bag.
  3. Follow a packing list.
  4. Pack things you can mix & match.
  5. Don’t pack all your shoes.
  6. Wear bulky & heavy items.
  7. Don’t pack clothes.
  8. Use tech gear & Packing cubes.
  9. Bag up shoes.
  10. Pack travel-size toiletries.
  11. Pack travel towel.
  12. Pack a menstrual cup. (females)
  13. Only pack prescription medicines.
  14. Pack collapsible objects.
  15. Pack a Bluetooth keyboard instead of a laptop.
  16. Pack earphones instead of headphones.
  17. Remove unnecessary items.
  18. Pack an eReader.

See, it’s so easy to pack light.

Best Personal Item Backpack For Your Trips

Well, you love going on trips. So for trips, you need backpacks which come under two categories carry-on and personal items. Usually, you will keep a backpack personal item under your seat for in-flight use. So there is no question you need the top backpack from the best personal item backpacks list.


Ruigor Chrono is the perfect bag that will go beyond your expectations in durability and comfort. The complex organization pockets give you much freedom to stuff all your essential items in it and still lay them flat under the seat. This top-quality all-purpose backpack is the best personal item backpack for you.

Size: 12.7 X 7.6 X 18.7


So now you know what you have to do on your next flight trip, pack your Ruigor Chrono and get going. We conclude this blog with thanks for reading the note. We hope it solved all your queries regarding backpacks that you carry on your flights, and you enjoyed reading the content as much as we had writing it.