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Discover Ruigor on Youtube !
May 8

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Ruigor Pursuing the American Dream!
April 24

After successfully building up a reputation in many markets through Europe and Asia, Ruigor is now starting its journey with Uncle…

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After two years, during which we gradually expanded our activities, investments and purchases, we are now tackling the next milestone. We are happy to announce that Swiss Institute of Intellectual Property confirmed the registration of the Ruigor brand.

Bruno Stauffacher - November, 2014

Cloths wholesale
September 26

If you enjoy a good sale and an on budget shopping experience wait for the end of season sale of Cloth Diva in the 5th avenue. In normal sales buying a blouse in this store may cost from 600-900 dollars while on sale the same cloth costs about 100 dollars or less.

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Swiss Eastern Selects successful at PeeWee. Our congratulations!
February 23

Although the Swiss Eastern Selects were not able to participate in the finale of PeeWee, they have been really successful in…

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27 EU countries – South Korea – Japan – Ruigor is going global!
January 10

We are excited to inform you about the registration of Ruigor in 27 European countries, South Korea and Japan, representing a…

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Sponsoring Swiss Eastern Selects.
November 13

Every year, Ice Hockey Teams around the world select the best players of their leagues to form teams to compete at…

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Ruigor developing international cooperations
June 24

Next to our R&D, we are working on international cooperations. After days of consulting and negotiating, we are pleased to announce…

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Founding Ruigor in 2012. Wish us all the best!
January 1

No matter how well prepared, to some extend founding a business always equals a shot in the dark. However, the founders…

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