Swiss Ruigor has made a name for itself in designing the best quality backpacks, bags, and swiss suitcases. Their products are ideal for working individuals on the go. The supreme quality paired with the products’ useful features has helped to establish the brand as the first choice for people looking for a reliable travel companion. Swiss Ruigor identifies itself with its origin in the center of Europe and, by bearing the name ‘Swiss’, prides itself on the quality standard this name has set for itself across the globe.

Bruno Stauffacher, the owner of Swiss Ruigor, is excited in being able to lead this venture to new heights. When asked about the future of the brand, he said: Being a restless innovator at the edge of technology, Ruigor is committed to providing the best quality for an outstanding customer experience. For Ruigor, quality is more than a word. We pour our vision of representing the highest standard into every product as well as into our customer service. Experiencing the variety of our products, one will notice our dedication towards functionality and style.Bearing in mind our Swiss roots, Ruigor has started to expand its reach to the international market. Our mission is to enable everyone to savour the Ruigor experience.

After the successful launch of the backpack series Icon, City, Link and Active, as well as the duffel bag series Motion and Executive, Swiss Ruigor has taken a further step forward with the launch of its swiss made suitcase series, Porter.

swiss suitcases

The Porter swiss suitcases series will debut at The Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas (26 to 28 March, 2019). It will mark a milestone for the company as it represents the first swiss suitcases offered by Ruigor to the international market following the brand’s success in selling backpacks and bags. Swiss Ruigor is excited to invite all journalists to join them at the Meet and Greet at The Travel Goods Show on Tuesday 26th March, 4-5:30 PM (booth number 446).

The Porter 10 and Porter 17 will be available no later than April. Retail prices will start from as low as USD 129 for the 20 inches and USD 149 for the 24-inch model.

The Porter 10 is characterized by its stylish design and comfortable handle. It took 5 years for the manufacturers to perfect the wheels alone enabling the case to withstand any jerks and rough surfaces. Porter 10 combines elegance, design and functionality into a modern swiss suitcase and comes with a 5-year warranty.

The Porter 17 has all the characteristics of the Porter 10 plus a rippled glossy surface to give it a premium look. It also has a red protective stripe with an enhanced design.

swiss suitcases