Winter hikes in Switzerland are a dream come true for many people. The incredible peaks, snow abundance, and fascinatingly silent nature create a fairy tale scenery. Add the warm and cozy little restaurants you run into when winter hiking in Switzerland, and you have the perfect place to enjoy the coldest season. And while the winter hiking Switzerland always abound, some places give their best when the white ground shimmers diamond-like light up by the warming sun.

7 most beautiful Winter hikes in Switzerland

7. Seerundweg Schwarzsee

A short even walk with a possible surprise

winter hikes in switzerland

Schwarzsee is a minor lake in Switzerland. It doesn’t reach the fame of some of the bigger lakes, but it has one peculiarity. It is wonderfully enchanting. With the massive Kaiseregg mountain guarding the silent lake, further minor peaks distributed all around, and the classic cozy huts distributed all around, the scenery is as Swiss as it can get.

But the view is not the only great thing you will encounter when walking around Schwarzsee. In fact, the small lake is usually frozen during the Winter season, which means that you can cross the lake when the ice is thick enough.

A short hike of about one hour, 4km, and 50m of ascension make for a splendid Winter walk afternoon. The options to extend the walk are countless with many trails extending along the walk around the lake and closeby. The opportunity to have a walk on the iced lake is obviously a fantastic extra that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the cold day. Ice skating is also allowed!!

To find more info about the Schwarzsee hike, click here.

6. Lauenensee

A hike with thousand activities

Lauenensee round walk lasts 2,5 hours, covers 8km, and is also more or less even (170m upwards). The beauty of Lauenensee is the silence surrounding this place. There is no car driving by, no sky facility. It is you and the few people enjoying the hike. And some laughter coming from the frozen lake where people might play hockey!

Lauenensee makes a great choice among all Winter hikes in Switzerland because of the many options it offers. The 2.5 hours hike is not enough to fill a day. But it is also too long for a short afternoon hike. Lauenensee offers restaurants (in the close village), ice skating, hockey, and even romantic rides on real Swiss horse chariots. Here is the link to the official page of Lauenensee horse chariots.

If you want more information about how to reach Lauenensee, click here.

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5. Fadära-Weg

On the border to Lichtenstein and Austria

Winter hikes in Switzerland

Starting from the small village of Seewis, a cozy path entangles itself along a half-frozen creek. The ascending path is in half part covered by the shadow of trees and the big mountains. Make sure to come well dressed in strong shoes for a hike.

Because for as much as the path is not particularly hard, the 7km path rises 150m from the start. And as snow is absolutely abundant here, you don’t want to freeze your feet! The sunny parts are pleasantly warm and extend along with a particular biological sump. Unfortunately, as enchanting the scenery is here during winter, you won’t see much of the snow-covered sump.

The beautiful hike runs just behind the peaks that divide Switzerland from Austria and Lichtenstein. In Summer you’d have the possibility to hike the peaks and look down at 3 countries at the same time. In Winter, the Swiss side will nevertheless satisfy you. After the 2 hours hike, you will be back in the village. Eating facilities are abundant and good. Click here to find out more details.

4. Panoramaweg Niederhorn–Waldegg

800 meters of breathtaking valley descent

winter hikes in switzerland

Niederhorn – Waldegg hike begins with a cozy panoramic ski lift. Get to Vorsass village to get into one of the cabins that take you to the peak of the Niederhorn mountain.

From here, the relaxing hike towards the valley begins. We suggest that you take some time on the peak, enjoying the wide views on the lakes and snow-covered valleys while enjoying a drink in the Bergstation. Once you are ready, simply follow the sing “Waldegg 3h”. You can’t miss it. This descending path will take you back to the valley.

Make sure to be warmly dressed, putting particular attention on the shoes. And be advised that the hiking path is also a sledge path. You can obviously ride a sledge yourself down to the valley if you prefer. In any case, be careful. Walk a little on the side, to leave some space for the sledges to overtake you comfortably. There aren’t many, but Swiss people like the order and respect towards others.

After about 4 hours of hike among trees and crossing some cozy house, you will finally reach Waldegg. From here you can take the bus back home. For more details about this hike, click here.

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3. Selibüel-Winterwanderweg

Short circular walk for all family members with a fantastic view

The Winterhike in Selibüel opens the top 3 of the best winter hikes Switzerland. What makes it so special? The fact that it is short, in an enchanting surrounding and usually covered in thick natural snow!

The path is a round walk of only 90 minutes, but the occasions along the way to have fun are just limited to your own imagination. Build a snowman, a snow-made Igloo, have a snowball fight…as the snow is freshly compact…just go crazy and enjoy the walk!

The hike has an ascent of 160 meters but none of it is dangerous in any way.

Once reached the peak of the hike, you will have a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. And if you are lucky, you will look down a soft bed of clouds. To get more detailed info about this hike, click here.

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2. Chemin Les Diablerets–Vers l’Eglise

Discover the French side

winter hikes in switzerland

The second best Winter hike in Switzerland brings us to the Westside. In the French area, you can have some French flair, while enjoying the Swiss organization!

A relaxing hike takes you along an easy path for any age and fitness. The walk takes about 1.5 hours and brings you back to where you started from. The best thing about the hike is the incredible view of the million years old mountains.  The sedimentary rock formation is clearly visible. The long lines stretching along the mountains, each represent an era of our Earth. While looking around, remember that this place was once underwater and that you are looking at the history of our world. Literally!

For more detailed info about the hike, click here.

1. Laternliweg Schwägalp

Probably the most unique winter hike in the world

winter hikes in switzerland

The N.1 among all best Winter hikes in Switzerland is by far an undiscussable Laternliweg. Whatever you are looking for a winter hike, you find it here!

A smooth, comfortable, splendid hike of just a bit more than 1 hour entangles itself along a well-groomed path of 3km.

The hike is absolutely wonderful, adorned by snow-covered Christmas trees, impressive mountain peaks, and a rare silence. Some stunning beautiful mountain houses are also along the path and seem to be there for no other reason than to make this place absolutely perfect!

The hike is in the area of Lake Constanze and has one particularity that makes it just so special. The path is light by hundreds of oil lamps. They create an absolutely wonderful atmosphere for sundowns and late evening walks. The walk is that easy can it can be mastered by anyone, but it might give the best for a romantic night walk.

The smooth walk ends in a little ascension just in the end, perfectly planned to add the little heartbeat and satisfaction of a walk in the mountain.

For more info about Laternliweg, click here.


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