Have you ever lost something in your backpack items?  Yes, Items For Backpacking! Something that was in it, but you had no clue where it was hiding? The good news is: we provided a solution! And you will discover why you will never lose something with your RUIGOR backpack!

With our “Easy Found” interior design, every object is quickly recognizable by any human eye. The problem of losing something in your backpack items comes from the fact that the interior color is uniform and regular. An object of similar color is therefore indistinguishable. Just like you can’t spot a Praying Mantis in the grass, you can’t spot a black glow in a black backpack. It is an inescapable principle of nature.

On the other hand, it quite easy to spot a Ladybug in a field of grass. Young and old enjoy the colorful sight and in some cultures they are ought to be messengers of good luck. Yet the Ladybug is one hundred times smaller than the Praying Mantis. So, why is the Ladybug such an easy catch, and the Praying Mantis such a rare sight? The difference lies in the strong contrasting colors and the pattern of the Ladybug.

Red contrasts strongly with any other color and is therefore used as warning signals. You just can’t miss it! Black absorbs all colors of the light, which gifts it with contrasting power towards all and any color. Furthermore, a ladybug is gifted with the cute “a pois” pattern. Alternating red and black makes it easy for humans to spot it. There is a contrast next to contrast, on contrasting green grass. And that’s why, in a field of grass, you will rarely spot a Praying Mantis, but often see a Ladybug.

This brings us back to our backpacks. Why can’t you find something in your backpack items? Because of the Praying Mantis effect. It is there, but your eye is biologically constructed to not see it. You need to tap around, creating a mess in your backpack until you finally find it. And this is not what it should be! You don’t have to accept the status quo!

At RUIGOR we have long thought about the problem. And finally, just as the story of the Ladybug, we figured what to do. While our first backpacks were following mainstream ideas, we carefully listened to our valued customers who are always happy to share their ideas with us (Thank you!). This show our first products looked like:

RUIGOR backpack - backpack items

And more closely:

never loose something in your backpack

You can easily spot the Praying Mantis effect. The Macbook is playing hide and seek. Being big and having its own bag it remains an easy catch tough. But could you find a needle in there? Let’s try with another generic bag.

backpack items

Did you spot the needle? No? Let’s make it a bit easier:

never loose something

Spotted? Not as easy as it should be, isn’t it? So how have improved all this? Let us show you our “Easy Found” red and black patter:

never loose something

Spotted? Did it take more than 3 seconds? Probably not! And what if the needle is not hiding so professionally?

There it is! It takes nothing to spot it! Our eye recognized the contrast IMMEDIATELY! We have switched from a Praying Mantis to a Ladybug. And it works like wonders. But how does it work if there is something red in the backpack? After all, it follows the same model of the Praying Mantis right? Wrong: here is the proof:

The irregular black pattern makes it impossible to miss the pencil. Our eye spots the broken line and sees the object in a fraction of a second. The Ladybug effect is once again confirmed. Losing an item on this pattern is simply impossible. And this is why you will never lose backpack items with your RUIGOR backpack!

Once we had researched the Ladybug pattern, we used it in nearly all our products, giving them a charming look and useful feature.

backpack items The ICON 47 Black


backpack items The ICON 30

backpack items The Motion 32M

CONCLUSION: Why you will never lose backpack items with your RUIGOR backpack!

While most backpack companies focus on exterior features and designs, they neglect the importance of interior design. At RUIGOR we have made it our mission to be a complete backpack. Because it is not enough to look like a professional backpack. It is important to be one! And details always make the difference!!! Like on hiking trails. Make sure to check out Switzerland’s top 5 hiking trails to enjoy with our backpacks!